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Impregnation oil for wood treatment on the basis of cold-pressed flaxy oil. It is suitable for treatment of the climate resistant woods, especially for garden furniture and terraces from hardwoods, such as teak, mahogany, cedar or larch. It takes long to dry, but impregnates the basis very well. It leaves the surface of the treated wood looking radiant sustaining its natural appearance.

This oil satisfies the ultimate requirements for protection of the wooden parts of models SWINGEAT TEAK RUSTICAL and SWINGEAT LUXURY. We recommend using the oil as necessary, at least once a year. Capacity: new finish aprox. 10 – 15 m²/liter, depending on the actual absorbancy of the wood; maintenance finish aprox. 15 – 40 m²/liter. The can holds 0.75 l. Teak oil is not suitable for children furniture and toys.


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Price: 45,- €


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