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Instructions for SWINGEAT TRENDY

Before use, please read thoroughly the instructions for use and the general safety instructions!

Instructions for use and general safety instructions for SWINGEAT TRENDY

Materials used and maintenance:

The stainless steel construction and the panels are made of high-grade steel in matt finish. To clean the stainless steel parts use dump cloth, or you can use detergents for care of high-grade steel. The shade is made of synthetic impregnated fabric with UV stabilizers. It is not recommended to machinewash the shade, only wipe with dump cloth. The mechanism of movement is made of nonrusting material and is maintenance free. If when swinging you hear a noise from the parts where the movement mechanism is located or the movement is no longer as smooth as before, please clean the parts of seating where the mechanism is located. When cleaning, the garden seating must be locked for movement.

Preparation for winter:

Before the temperatures drop below zero, choose a nice dry day to prepare the garden furniture for winter. First remove the shade. Clean the shade with dump cloth, dry it and keep the dry textile shade in a dry place. Cover the whole product with a waterproof sheet and fix it carefully.

General safety instructions:

The garden swinging seating is intended for slight relaxing swinging; the recommended swing to both sides is approx. 20 cm. The product is equipped with a stop limiting its movement; however, we strongly discourage the movement where you hit the stop because the objects placed on the table may fall down. Please do not put your hands, feet or any other parts of your body close to the movement mechanism. The product is neither a toy nor playground equipment. Children are not allowed to use the product unsupervised, therefore, their safety is their supervisor’s responsibility.

The seating must remain locked at all times when not in use. When getting in and out the seating must be secured with a pawl. Before swinging, please make sure that no one/nothing is close to the seating and under the seats, especially below, or close to the movement mechanism or any other moving part of the seating. The load bearing capacity of each bench is upto 300kg respectively. Distribute the load evenly and do not put too much load on one side only.

When swinging, especially when hitting the pawl, objects on the table may topple, drinks may be spilt, etc. So, please, be very careful, mainly when swinging with hot food and drink, and sharp objects.

Do not use this product when damaged, broken or incomplete, and contact us on the phone number stated in the header. Any handling that is inconsistent with the instructions for use is absolutely forbidden, because it can result in serious injury to the person or irrepairable damage to the product and only you will be held responsible.

The garden seating is intended for use on a horizontal surface.

The warranty is 2 years on purchase of the product. The warranty does not include damage caused to the product as a result of incosistence with the instructions of use, prohibited handling or malicious mechanical damage.